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Question about file monitoring


Hello list,

using zim for a while, i had the idea of syncing my notes folders to
have them available on different computers. Installed a file syncer (I
think it's not relevant, but for the courious: it is ownCloud) and
started syncing. But as far as I can tell, the currently running zim
instance did not pick up changes made to the local file.

Made a test scenario without sync: opened a random page in zim, and
while it was open, I changed the corresponding file underneath. Zim did
not pick up changes, and even more, when I went into the page and
started editing, it complained about the file being changed, and
proposed to save the page under a different name.

Is this normal at the current state of development, or is it expected to
work already? I'm a developer, and I would like to help. I think in our
'pervasive computing' world, this is something that should 'simply work'.

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