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There are three things I would like to be able to accomplish with Zim. I am
not sure whether or not it is possible and how to achieve these.

   - I would like to add quotes from from books into my notes. How can I
   get a special formating for these quotes (Indentation, frame, background
   color, font)?
   - Another thing I would like is to be able to index automatically
   children-pages in a parent-page. Is this possible?
   - Finally, I would like to have templates for some pages (for instance
   all children-page of the "books" parent-page should be pre-formated with
   headers like "summary", "citation", "author" etc.), so my pages have some
   consistency in formating (and I save time by not having to look up other
   pages to remind myself what formatting I used before).

Thanks for your help,


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