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Re: spell check on windows


On Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 1:35 PM, Charles Medcoff <cmedcoff@xxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> I gotta believe that if the dependency chain can be well defined, it would
> just be a matter of installing those dependencies in the right places.
>  Perhaps the win distro could even be updated to include those in the
> packaging.
> I'll down the source and investigate if I have to but does anyone know
> what the dependency chain looks like?
> Zim -> gtk+ -> gtkspell -> pyenhcant -> enchant (native)?

Should start as:

zim ->  gtkspell python module -> gtkspell library --> gtk

On my linux system the gtkspell python module is a compiled library, so no
python code, probably just C interface code. Therefore I do not believe
pyenchant is involved.

Do note that this is the 2.x "legacy" version, which has static python

We could also consider moving to the 3.x version IFF there is windows
support for the new introspection libraries. However that means also
pulling all of gtk to the 3.x version and some work on the zim code to make
it forward compatible.