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Re: Anchors for links?


John -

As a fairly new Zim user, perhaps it's just that I've yet to discover
how to create an Anchor. Have already looked very thoroughly, though,
before asking here.

Good to hear that there is interest in the feature. If you do find an
existing way to create an anchor, please let me know! Thanks.

Marc Paul Rubin

On 11/24/12, John Geoffrey <XXX@XXXXX> wrote:
> oh? that doesn't work yet? I was thinking about trying out if that works
> somehow for months. Yes, I'd be interested.
> On 25 November 2012 04:04, jayseye <XXX@XXXXX> wrote:
>> An "anchor" allows linking to a specific place (target) on a page.  If
>> Zim supported anchors, you could link to an anchor on the same page,
>> or to an anchor on another page.
>> WikiMedia syntax supports anchors, so the precedent exists. Of course,
>> anchors are also very commonly used in HTML on the Web.
>> Would anyone else be interested in using anchors in Zim?
>> Thanks,
>> Marc Paul Rubin
>> "jayseye"

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