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Re: Ubuntu Dash and Zim txt files


On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 11:48 AM, Bill Oldroyd <billoldroyd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This request is specific to Ubuntu. I have no idea whether it is relevant
> to other operating systems.
> The Ubuntu Dash allows the input of search terms to select a file. This
> can be used to identify a specific Zim page - quite a useful feature.
> However, as Zim pages are stored as *.txt files, the Dash opens them in the
> default text editor rather than Zim. This cancels out the usefulness :-).
> Is it possible Zim could use a dedicated file type for it's pages and thus
> automatically load pages in Zim when they are run ?.
> Or, is there any other way a Zim page can be recognised by the dash ?.

Actually zim already does this. We install a rule in the mime type
information database that matches the header in zim  page files.

Unfortunately not all other applications respect this rule and give instead
preference to the default rule for the .txt extension. Ubuntu file
management being one such case where this rule is ignored.

There has been a lot of discussion already on changing the file extension
for zim, but so far no consensus and no work defined.

One work around would be to write a small shell script that distinguishes
between zim pages and other text files and set that as the default
application to open text files.



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