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Link pages between notbooks


Hallo all,
I'm trying to split a huge notebook in two smaller ones considering that it's have basically two functions 1 keep track of my activity like books read or to-read, work, various wishlists, budget pages et similar
2 create and organize a list of todos
So I'd have Notebook1 with list of todos and a Notebook 2 with a list of pages of various kind( description, notes etc)

A lot of todos (but not all) are linked to the Notebook 1 entries for example todo 1 in Notebook 2 would be i.e. "buy Book X" linked with the Notebook 1 page/ess describing Book X ( Plot, author, why Id' like to read it). I usually do it in one huge Notebook and use the task list but I'd prefer, if possible to separate the "todo" function from the "note/description etc" function. For this I though to link the a single Notebook 2 Todo to the relative Notebook 1 page/s if those pages exists. I've tried to make this link but It didn't work, surely I'm mistaking something.
Is it possibile to link one or more notebook eachother?

Thank you

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