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Version Control Plugin Re: Zim version 0.59 released


Really glad to have the Version Control plugin enabled now. It's
incredibly simple to use, as described in the first part of this
Manual page <http://zim-wiki.org/manual/Plugins/Version_Control.html>.

Most folks can safely stop reading there after the Usage section. The
rest of that page, from Sharing on down, is secondary. In particular,
the Manual Version Control section mainly contains details for control
freaks ;->

However, the plugin is also rich in features, and provides a GUI for
many useful version control tasks.

Overall, I consider Version Control to be an essential complement to
Zim's autosave feature.

On 1/25/13, jayseye <greinze@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The affected user _was_ fully backing up their work. In
> fact, this incident points up a *weakness* inherent in automatic
> syncing strategies.
> Version control is a loosely related, though completely separate
> technique, to allow "rolling back" to a previous version of a
> document.