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Custom tools feature & possible cut/paste bug


I just looked at Custom Tools and would like to check this isn't supported and offer it as a suggestion:

Additional tool parameter %x - temporary file containing selection (wiki format) I would also like a checkbox: "replace selection with stdout output". My use case is to be able to pipe a selection through sed/awk/sort etc For example: "sort %x" Execution should leave the selection active (but with processed contents) and not scroll the page. Currently the page gets scrolled to the end.

Also, I think the existing code is a little flakey as when I accidentally executed a command that used the %f parameter but did nothing to the file, the content formatting was slightly modified. I had just copied and pasted a small selection to test, which may have left some unseen wiki formatting in an odd place, because when I ran the command a line of normal text became heading 2 format. I think this was the first line of my cut/paste, and the cut probably began underneath a line which was header 2 format (Zim 0.59 on Windows 7).


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