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Migration from OneNote to Zim


Hello everyone,

I have a goal to migrate from M$ products to open source.  One of
those is OneNote to Zim.  One major hurdle I am facing is that when I
copy notes from a OneNote page to a Zim notebook, the text and whatnot
copies fine, but once I've done the copy, and I click on the text or
picture in the Zim notebook, big flashing black bars appear either on
the right or the left and I am not able to maneuver around on  any of
the text.  I know a work around would be to copy all of that to
notepad, for example, and then to Zim, but any pictures I've added
from training would not copy and the indented bullet lists all lose
their indentations.  I would appreciate any assistance on this, as I
would really like to make this work!

Thanks very much in advance!
Michael Spranger

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