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Re: How to copy-paste from Zim without the wiki code?


Thank you, I dind't notice this. But it doesn't seem to work: I selected
"Text" for the copy format to clipboard and I still get the wiki code
when pasting in a plain text editor.

Should I file a bug or is there something else that I'm missing. I'm
using v0.59 on Linux and v0.59 on Windows. On both OSes it's the same.

On 26/03/13 19:10, Syv Ritch wrote:
> Edit > Preferences > Editing > Default format for copying text to
> clipboard: Text
> On Tue, 26 Mar 2013 18:42:23 +0200
> Adrian Fita <adrian.fita@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I'm using the Windows version (I think this works the same in
>> Linux) of Zim and when I copy-paste a whole page (or one or more
>> paragraphs with formatting) from Zim to a text editor, the copy
>> operation outputs also the wiki-code from Zim. How can I avoid this?
>> Thanks.
>> -- 
>> Fita Adrian
Adrian Fita

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