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Re: new styles and index pain


2013/5/7 Niels-Oliver Walkowski <walkowski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>  Dear folks,
> I am testing the possibility to move with my  PhD project from Scrivener
> to Zim. I really love Scrivener, but does not really support Linux is
> brings a lot of problems. So a more native solution would be great. At the
> moment I have two questions where I couldn't help myself on m own. The
> first on is: it is possible to define new styles in zim apart from just
> changing existing styles in  styles.conf. Just adding it there has no
> effect as I experienced, what would be the effort to add new styles ( I am
> capable of doing some Python)
> When you write a text, the best writing experience for me is to write in
> between wiki and hirarchical structes and to use them both to rearrange
> text block. At the moment the index pane list the wiki pages
> alphabetically, what would be awsome and really needed for the
> rearrangement process is to influence the order of the pages within the
> index. I noticed that drag and drop is generally possible in that widget
> but what was dropped doesn't stay there. So, also the question, is this
> possible to change somewhere and if not, can anyone guess, what would be
> the effort enable it.
> thanks a lot in advance
> Niels


Given that you are just migrating right now, there IS a possibility to get
an arbitrary order:

Instead of creating new pages the normal way, create new pages by creating
a link to a target "+PAGENAME" in the parent page and follow the link. This
way you have an order-able (cut/paste) list of subpages *in addition* to
the alphabetical index pane.

Obviously though this approach is sort of limited. It doesn't provide a
full custom-sorted tree view and requires extra work when moving a page,
but as a work-around it might suffice.

kind regards, Klaus