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Re: zim search speedup



Le 22. 10. 14 14:00, Jaap Karssenberg a écrit :
> My apologies for the late response. Can you be more specific what is
> slowing down?  I guess it is search, but maybe you see other things as
> well?

No problem for delay. I was expecting a /dev/null effect so later is
better than nothing. :-)

I'm speaking about the "global search" not in-page search.

> All search code is in zim/search.py as you may have expected :)

I did not even look for it for the moment I will read it, thanks.

> What may help you is to use specific search keywords to narrow down
> the search. (See manual for an overview.)  If you do a simple search
> without keywords it is effectively a "grep" through the whole
> notebook. However page names, links, tags, etc. can be found much
> faster because they are in the index. So searching by page name is
> almost instantaneously.

Yep, missing keyword search are quite long. dictionary index can be
quite interesting. I remember to have read in this list, something about
disabling scan for some pages…

grep -RHnI prout ~/Notebooks/Notes #no result

is almost instantaneous as comparison

> No optimizations are currently planned for the full text search.
> Afraid I lack the expertise to do something smarter there myself.

I'm not a expert too, but I may hack it to see some interesting behavior.
I will post here some news when some hint appears.