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Re: new zim user : hello ant a little question



Zim supports a minimal set of rich text formatting rules including
emphasis, strong emphasis, highlight, hyperlinks, ordered and unordered
lists, headings, blockquotes, and inline images. But it does not support
many other rules typically found in word processors such as tables,
typeface and font size choices, color, line height, custom margins and
indentation, or center, right, and justified alignment.

These restrictions may help to keep you focusing on the message instead
of fiddling with styles, and it keeps the software simpler. (We may get
tables some day though; there's been a lot of talk about it.)

Brendan Kidwell

On Thu, Oct 23, 2014, at 05:53, ericgarcia-fr wrote:
> I just found out Zim ( and notes softwares).
> I have a littlequestion : How do I align text to left, center, right ...?
> It should be obvious but I have not found how.
> P.S. sorry for this very basic issue !!!