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Re: Zim 0.62 Windows Not Starting


 Quoting Chris Giacofei <c.giacofei@xxxxxxxxx>:

I have just tried to install zim 0.62 on a machine running Windows Vista
and I having trouble loading zim.
  The zim logo comes up for a few seconds then disappears but zim never
completely loads.
  I have found since trying to run 0.62 I am having the same problem
with 0.61 which I had previously been using without issue.
  Any help getting zim working again would be appreciated.


I had similar problems on Windows 7 for a while. Until I started using the
standalone version of Zim via:

"C:\Program Files\Zim Desktop Wiki\zim.exe" --standalone

This avoids the launch of the build-in server for Zim which was causing
problems in my case.

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