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Equation Editor Thought


To the Zim Team,

I've just discovered Zim, and really like what I see. I am a PhD student,
and think this would be a good way to record notes and research. This would
include lots of equations, and am wondering how feasible it would be to
tweak the usage of the equation editor a bit.

My thoughts are to have the equation editor become part of the
auto-formatting, following the same convention of latex for an inline

Typing $ \int_0^x d\phi $ would then activate the equation editor plugin
and force the picture equation. Right-clicking on the resulting image would
bring up the editing dialogue box as it already does. The idea is only to
change the initial input method. This would prevent lots of trips to the
menu to bring up the equation editor dialogue box.

I'm willing to take a stab at implementing, if I can be pointed in the
right direction, although I am not as familiar with python programming as I
am other languages.



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