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"Home" button and the "home" page


hello again,

when I press the "home" icon in the toolbar, a new empty page "Home" is
created (I have deleted "Home" previously, because it does not fit in my

What exactly is the "Home" page meant to be used for ?
Lets say, I am using zim to organize my todo list. There is no use for a
"home" page. My top level page is called "todo". But when I delete the
"home" page, it gets created every time I (accidentally) click on home.

Is there any way to redefine the home icon, so that I get to my top
level page, i.e. "todo", instead of the non-existing "home" ?

Also, is there any way to change which icon appear in the toolbar, on a
per-user basis (i.e. not globally by modifying