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Re: Fwd: Windows 7: Inserting special chars like guillemets/angle quotes with [ALT+NumpadNumber]


Hello all,

many thanks for all your hints and ideas. Yep, I'm a Windows guy, and yep, I'm using
AutoHotkey every day (and programming with it sometimes - additionally using other much
more sophisticated stuff - infos only via PM...).

[Alt Gr + [] and [Alt Gr +]]
is mentioned in the given link
Guillemet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Typing "«" and "»" on computers"

BUT I'm using a German keyboard...

Many thanks and greetings

Hi Guys,
my laptop dual-boots Arch Linux and Windows 7, but I don't use Windows much.  But I tried out [Shift + Alt Gr]<< for « on Windows 7 and it didn't work :(.  I knew I preferred Linux but I didn't
realise [Shift + Alt Gr] was part of the reason.

So I installed /UK International keyboard/ from http://www.zolid.com/uk-intl-kb/index.htm and that seems to do the trick, using [Alt Gr + [] and [Alt Gr +]] from:

Now I'm heading back to Arch  Linux, and my main desktop PC, as soon as possible.
Hope this helps someone.


On 01/21/2015 09:14 PM, hansbkk@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
John C - sorry for the dupe, forgot reply to all.

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Keybindings are an arcane rabbit-hole, especially cross-platform.

For those on windoze I highly recommend getting into AutoHotKey; in fact now I'm on Linux I really miss it, wish the Linux version had gained a bit more traction, one of the VERY few things causes
me any nostalgia for windoze.


    Hi Udo

    have you tried [Shift + Alt Gr]>> for « and  [Shift + Alt Gr]<< for «.

    Works OK on my Arch Linux system.



    On 01/21/2015 08:40 PM, Udo Weik wrote:


        I need guillemets/angle quotes in my text, see
        Guillemet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        The corresponding Windows keystrokes are
        [Alt+0187] for '»' and [Alt+0171] for '«'
        but Zim doesn't support [ALT+NumpadNumber].

        And I can't use the Symbol dialog, because I use automation
        for inserting these symbols.

        Any hints?

        Many thanks and greetings