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Re: Fwd: Windows 7: Inserting special chars like guillemets/angle quotes with [ALT+NumpadNumber]


Hello Marco,

I asked pretty much the same time ago and the answer was to use the HTML escape codes.
You should type an inverted slash \ followed by the escaped character code, that is:

& l d q u o ; for inverted commas “
& r a r r ; for a right arrow →


For French quotes they are:

& r a q u o ;


& l a q u o ;

I've added blanks between the letters in order to avoid rendering of the characters in this very message. You should type the code altogether and the special character will appear after you type the
last character of the code.


Marco Cevoli

doensn't work with a German Windows:

Many thanks and greetings

On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 10:59 PM, John Coleman <john.coleman@xxxxxxx <mailto:john.coleman@xxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi Guys,
    my laptop dual-boots Arch Linux and Windows 7, but I don't use Windows much.  But I tried out [Shift + Alt Gr]<< for « on Windows 7 and it didn't work :(.  I knew I preferred Linux but I didn't
    realise [Shift + Alt Gr] was part of the reason.

    So I installed /UK International keyboard/ from http://www.zolid.com/uk-intl-kb/index.htm and that seems to do the trick, using [Alt Gr + [] and [Alt Gr +]] from:

    Now I'm heading back to Arch  Linux, and my main desktop PC, as soon as possible.
    Hope this helps someone.


    On 01/21/2015 09:14 PM, hansbkk@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:hansbkk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    John C - sorry for the dupe, forgot reply to all.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------

    Keybindings are an arcane rabbit-hole, especially cross-platform.

    For those on windoze I highly recommend getting into AutoHotKey; in fact now I'm on Linux I really miss it, wish the Linux version had gained a bit more traction, one of the VERY few things
    causes me any nostalgia for windoze.


        Hi Udo

        have you tried [Shift + Alt Gr]>> for « and  [Shift + Alt Gr]<< for «.

        Works OK on my Arch Linux system.



        On 01/21/2015 08:40 PM, Udo Weik wrote:


            I need guillemets/angle quotes in my text, see
            Guillemet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            The corresponding Windows keystrokes are
            [Alt+0187] for '»' and [Alt+0171] for '«'
            but Zim doesn't support [ALT+NumpadNumber].

            And I can't use the Symbol dialog, because I use automation
            for inserting these symbols.

            Any hints?

            Many thanks and greetings