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Re: Zim for Android


Hi Didier,

Sorry for the late reply, I was travelling.

Here some quick installation guidelines:

1) Install Sl4A on your Android device
(http://android-scripting.googlecode.com/files/sl4a_r6.apk). Note, you
need to allow unknown sources first (Setting** -> Security)

2) Add the python interpreter within Sl4A (also see

3) Optional: If you want a synced notebook via Dropbox, install the free
app Dropsync
(play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ttxapps.dropsync) and choose
to sync the folder where your Notebook is located. In my case, I synced
this folder to "/sdcard/sl4a/Dropbox/", but feel free to choose whatever
you like as a path (this is the fullpath variable in Zim4Astarter.py).

4) Copy all the Zim4A files (github.com/kcg/Zim4A) to the same folder
(e.g. /sdcard/sl4a/Dropbox)

5) Copy the starter script Zim4Astarter.py to the script directory of
Sl4A (/sdcard/sl4a/scripts).

6) Change the variable 'fullpath' to the synced folder and change the
variable 'notebook' to the name of your Zim wiki. In my case that's
simply "Notes" (The notebook folder should be in the fullpath folder,
i.e. /sdcard/sl4a/Dropbox/Notes in my case).

7) Start the script and see if everything works.

8) Optional: Create a script shortcut on your homescreen for easy

Good luck and let me know if you run into problems!

Best wishes

On 30/01/15 19:50, Didier Bretin wrote:
> Hello Karl,
> Le 29/01 11:20, Karl C. Goedel a écrit :
>> It was a "quick and dirty" job and I am not the best programmer, so the
>> code looks probably horrible in your eyes.
>> But perhaps it is useful for somebody anyway.
>> github.com/kcg/Zim4A
> Great job, I would like to see it working on my smartphone.
> Can you give us some hints on how to install it ?
> Regards.

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