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Porting Zim to Gtk3 -- Call for packagers / testers


Dear all,

I have made a first attempt at porting zim to Gtk3. The code is nowhere
close to ready for daily use: most plugins are not functioning yet and e.g.
clipboard is functions are broken. However the app starts and most the test
suite runs.

Goals for this move:
- Beautify the application with better styling and new interface elements
- Better integrate with modern desktops
- Be future proof be using the new introspection python bindings

I don't think next release will already be based on Gtk3, but I would
appreciate feedback whether anything blocking to switch to Gtk3 on all
platforms for release next + 1.

Bazaar branch can be found here: http://zim-wiki.org/bzr/pyzim-gtk3/ and
here: https://code.launchpad.net/~jaap.karssenberg/zim/pyzim-gtk3