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zim063 on Mac


Many thanks for zim 063

Some points:

1. Cannot find directions for installing using Platypus on http://zim-wiki.org/
I do find them on
These directions are useful and I can confirm that they work well.
Also, I do recommend using PyGTK

2. I find a bit confusing whether we have to run
./setup.py install
or not. I guess not, but why is this mentioned then?

3. Export to html: Problem with not having the top page in the left
index has been solved. Thanks!

4. Still crashes if I move a sub-page to a different place in zim's
left tree. Re-start does not work from the crash panel automatically
opened by MacOSX. Have to close that and re-run zim063. In that case,
the sub-page has been moved to
the selected place. This crash is not a big problem for me as I used
the little mac as a secondary machine (essentially for traveling) and
can reorganize the tree
on the linux machine at the office.

5.In case this were of any help, I link the output of ./test.py

6. Having to use ie. Ctrl-c instead of Cmd-c is odd on a Mac. But if
this is difficult to solve or implies maintenance problems I can
perfectely live with that.

7. I have the notebook on dropbox and works great.

8. If I select inserting an image, cannot paste the path and name in
"Location". Not sure if this happens on linux too.

Note I can try to help debugging the crash, but need directions on what to do.

Thanks again for zim. It's a really valuable tool for me and would
like to contribute somehow.



Agustin Lobo

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