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High DPI support in Zim


Hi all,

I wonder how is possible to configure Zim to support High DPI screens? I currently have one, and most of stuff is working correctly except for the following things:
1) checkboxes are very small and barely visible
2) other icons are very small too
3) dialog boxes (like adding link) are too small by default (after each restart I resize them again and again) 4) arrows in the left pane are barely visible and indentation there is very small
5) tabs in the content are are too small too

Item 5) can be easily fixed by changing pixel indentation constant in 'style.conf'. Item 1) is very important to me and I have tried to replace images of checkboxes with bigger onen, but that didn't change anything.
For me Items 1) and 4) are the most important.

So I wonder if there any easy fixes for now to cope with that? And also regarding changes in code, is it possible to change without breaking the program architecture? I would be happy to contribute to Zim.

Best regards,
Eugene Petkevich

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