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Interwiki links for Zim Desktop Wiki on Windows


Hi all,

I am using Zim on Windows 7.  I am trying to add my Zim notebooks to the
urls.list file using the "zim+file://" method described here:


I use ctrl+L to add a link to a notebook as name_of_notebook?, which
creates a link, but when I click on it, nothing happens.

One thing I noticed when I was working through setting this up, is that on
my system, the directories APPDATA/zim/config and APPDATA/zim/data do not
exist (I checked where APPDATA is on my computer with cmd by typing cd
%appdata% and noting the new directory).  Not being sure if this is
significant or not, I did some poking around in Explorer and found the
following directory: C:\Users\Jason\.config\zim in which I find files like
preferences.conf and style.conf.  I tried putting my urls.list file,
containing all my notebooks and formatted as name-space-zim+file:// in both
of these directories (APPDATA/zim/data and C:\Users\Jason\.config\zim), but
still I do not get a working link.

Any suggestions to where I am going wrong?

Thank you,


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