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Re: Solved. (How to link icons within a zim book?)



We have come up with this setting by convention now:
  (Ubuntu 14.04, zim 0.60)

* Icons are available as a git managed, shared resource.
* convention, setting in every notebook.zim:
* symlink: docroot
  ~/Noteboooks/docroot symlinks to git managed shared external tree.
  This way there are all freedoms needed (see below, example: Music).
  And, the intentionally selected and agreed entry point "docroot"
  will carefully not be filled up with any unrelated stuff.
* icons reside in:
  ~/Noteboooks/docroot/icons    # or, following the symlink:
* files, examples:
  cd ~/Noteboooks/docroot
  ├── icons
  │   ├── led-green.gif
  │   ├── led-red.gif
  │   ├── led-yellow.gif
  │   ├── tux.png
  │   └── Warning.1.svg
  └── Music -> /tmp/Music/

* example link to some icon:
* There also is place for other shared material as templates, videos or.
  Think about link to music via blue led symbol:
* Such symbols may be copied and pasted within a zim book to different
  levels as needed. They never break because tey are absolute links
  related to a given document_root OUT_SIDE of the zim book itself.
* That last note is important. There is no such thing as an absolute link
  within a zim book, they all are transformed into relative links
  auto-magically by zim.

Thanks, zim is great!