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Re: New 'Pythonic' Plugin for Zim


Hi David,

Sorry for not responding to your mail last month - trying to go over 1
month backlog :(

First look you plugin looks quite good, so might be a good candidate to
include, but will need to spend some more time consolidating stuff before I
get to integrating new plugins I'm afraid.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to publish it here:

The zim plugins dialog links to that page.



On Sat, Jan 30, 2016 at 11:39 PM, David Nolden <
zwabel+launchpad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Jaap and others.
> I use zim for all my note-taking, planning, etc., and I also want to
> be able to do complex calculations right within zim, instead of doing
> them somewhere else and copying in the result. Therefore, I first took
> a look at the 'arithmetic' plugin, which is definitely going into the
> right direction, but it's very limited and has some bugs. I think that
> it doesn't make sense to maintain an own arithmetic syntax and parser
> etc. when we have a perfect solution available: python itself. I
> usually use python anyway to do all kinds of calculations. Therefore I
> created the attached plugin, which allows using python directly within
> zim, not only for arithmetic calculations but for any kind of
> calculations. I'm using this as a kind of Excel replacement. It's also
> a great replacement for the python CLI instance which I used to have
> open all the times for quick calculations.
> Obviously, it's potentially dangerous to execute python code from the
> zim notebook. Therefore this should only be used with own and
> trustworthy notebooks. On each zim wiki page, when executing the
> embedded python code for the first time, a popup will be shown which
> shows the exact embedded code that the plugin collected from the page
> and that will be executed, and the user has a chance to review the
> code and eventually abort execution. Python code is embedded using the
> '#' sign. For further information, please see the manual page I wrote.
> For example, of you want to calculate how many dollars you can make
> out of 500 dollars in 10 years with interest rates of 5%, you could do
> it like this:
> #dollars = 500; interest = 1.05; years = 10
> #dollars_after_10_years = dollars * (interest ** years)
> #dollars_after_10_years
> -> press F5, and get:
> #dollars_after_10_years ? 814.447313389
> I'd be happy if this plugin would be included in Zim in future,
> there's nothing similarly powerful available yet. I'm willing to keep
> maintaining it. Any feedback and discussion is welcome.
> Greetings, David
> ps. I already sent an older version of the plugin to Jaap, this is an
> improved version.
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