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Tree not synching with open page


I've been using Zim v0.62 on Debian for ages, and it has recently
started some strange behaviour, for which I am probably responsible but
am not sure how to fix.

The behaviour is that when I click on a page in the treeview, the page
displays correctly but the tree focus flips back to one of the early
nodes (usually but not always the same one). If I click on the node I
want again, it sticks, until I click on a different node and then the
tree focus goes back to the one "it prefers"!

Clicking on some nodes does work ok, but most need to be clicked twice now.

I've tried "zim --index" (and zim --index -D -V) - all ok.

I've looked at the output of "Zim -D -V" and it complains about some
tree paths being invalide. I suspect that is unrelated, but there are a
few empty pages that it won't allow me to delete when I track them down.

So, how did I break it. Well, it might just be co-incidence, but I doubt
it. What I did was write a web scraper which automatically generates
some .txt files that I began placing in my Zim notebook path. So I've
polluted the tree by manually inserting some files (which all appear in
the tree and display ok), but somehow may have confused Zim.

If I remove those files (temporarily remove the folder, "Zim --index")
then the behaviour remains broken, so it isn't the files themselves, if
indeed the problem is anything to do with them.

I also tried removing the ".zim" directory and the "notebook.zim" files
and it is still broken.

If I access an older version of this notebook (a lot older but with much
the same structure) it works as expected so it appears to be not liking
the content. There are no suspicious messages when I click on the tree
(when using "zim -D -V").

Finally, I can eliminate the behaviour if I open the notebook at one
level higher. I don't want to do this obviously, because it means the
whole tree of nodes lives under a single highest level nodes (equivalent
to the directory containing the whole notebook).

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Thanks - and thanks for Zim. A truly excellent workhorse for me.

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