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How to paste formatted (rich) text to Zim editor? (Feature request?)


Hiya, and many thanks for excellent note-keeping software.

The only problem I have with it is that I sometimes need to copypaste
formatted (rich) text to my notes; specifically, I have a reference manager
(Mendeley) that on command copies a formatted citation of a paper to my
clipboard, and I'd like to paste that directly to my note. Ctrl-V or Paste
command on Zim editor window doesn't do anything, apparently because the
citation is formatted (e.g. journal name in italics).

My workaround is that I paste the citation to gedit text editor, which
strips it of formatting, and then copypaste from there to Zim. This is a
bit clunky approach, and I was wondering whether there is some way to get
around the problem? I'd love to be able to paste any text directly to Zim
editor, with Zim stripping the formatting automatically.

I tried to search if anyone else has the same issue, but couldn't find any

All the best,

Janne M. Korhonen

Twitter: @jmkorhonen
+358 41 501 8481

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