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Organizing feature requests?


Would it be possible having a page for feature requests
in which users could vote and add funding?
I think on a list with columns
feature name, feature description, votes for, votes against, funding,
complexity, priority likelihood

where the 3 last ones would be set by the developper considering
votes, funding and his will. I think that priority should give complexity
a lot of weight: for example, leting zim open files with extensions other
than *.txt would perhaps not be interesting for many, but it would be
so simple to implement...
As "feature description" should be very short, the proposer could just
write a simple page (using zim, of course) being linked
from "feature name".

Also, there should be some way of checking the likelihood of a given
feature to become real before actually adding funding. For example, I would
invest on a better and smoother MacOSX installation, but as I know
this is not going to happen I rather put my money elsewhere. Perhaps
discussing on the mailing list is the only way.


Agustin Lobo