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Re: Export in one click


I have a plugin that I think does what you want but unfortunately the highest version of Zim it works with is 0.60.  I would love help upgrading the plugin, I just have not prioritized the effort and am still using 0.60.  Attached are some screen shots and the 0.60 compatible plugin.  Below is a summary of my concept.

Use Case
Using one large notebook, it is often necessary to share a single page with others.  When sharing, it is preferable to avoid static methods like email attachments and instead use more dynamic methods like exporting to a web servers or network shares.

Current Situation
With default Zim features the best option is using the print to browser plugin, from the browser printing a pdf, and attaching the pdf to an email.  The disadvantages of this method are: multiple step process, the attachment is stale (if I make a change I need to make another pdf and send another email), links don't work, attachments are not included, etc.

Solution, the Quick Export Plugin
Create plugin that quickly exports a single page to a local file system, network file system, or web server.  Have the results automatically open in the default web browser (if necessary using a resolved domain name).  The user can then copy and paste the URL into an email.  The disadvantage of this method is that there may be some broken links because all pages need to be individually exported, a future enhancement could be pursued that would add a user defined option to recursively export linked pages.

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Le 05/05/2016 08:07, Paulo van Breugel a écrit :
Which version are you using? It should be possible to export single pages under File - Export.
Yes I know the export process under File -> Export but it's quite long. There's at least 6 clicks to export a page:
File (click)
Export (click)
Single page (click)
Next (click)
Next (click) [more clicks if you don't use the Default model which is my case]
Enter (click)

It's ok when you don't do it very often. But it's very boring when you do (and at least when you are using the same format, templates and destination).

My little script allow a single click for the whole process. And the next version will allow the publication on a web server via rsync (optional).
A good way to create a static web site.


On 05-05-16 00:14, Charles Nepote wrote:
Hi all,

I wrote a little bash script as a "Custom tool" to export a page in one
click (see code attached).

To wrote this script, I was facing the problem that calls to Custom
tools does not provide a "pagename" parameter (Page:SubPage:SubPage) to
supply the --export parameter. I had to extract this information with

It would be nice:
* to provide a %p parameter for the name of the page
* or let --export function to accept %s as the [PAGE] to be exported

Am I clear enough? Did I miss something?
My next step is to provide the ability to rsync the result in one click.

My goal is to manually export and publish some static pages on the web. The current ability to --export a whole notebook is not good for me as I want to publish only some pages and not all ones.

Thanks for zim.

Charles Nepote.


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