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Re: mouse copy problems (Linux)


P.S. Adding to point 2) below: Also formatting actions like hitting Strg+2 to make a headline deletes the mouse copy contents.

On 09/05/16 12:03, Hella Riede wrote:
Hey all,

I use zim every day on my Linux PC - I like it a lot! I also use mouse copy a lot (marking text somewhere, inserting it by middle mouse button somewhere else).

There are two issue with mouse copy:

1) Mouse copy does not work inside zim
If I mark text in zim, and then try to insert it somewhere else in zim, nothing happens.

2) Mouse copy contents is lost when clicking on a page in the ToC tab
Usually, mouse copy works fine from any application outside of zim to a zim page. However, the mouse copy contents is lost after I click on a page in the table of contents (ToC) tab. (Clicking on a page in the "Index" tab, any page in the last pages list, or navigating backward/forward leaves the mouse copy contents intact.)

Any ideas if these 2 points can be improved or fixed?

Thanks in advance!