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Portuguese translation


Dear Zim members from Portugal or from pt-pt comunity,

After months of not so much regular work, I have finally finished the Portuguese translation of Zim. As I am member of pt-br community, and used Brazilian Portuguese as a guide for translation, I would like to invite members from the pt-pt community to make a review on my work. Although Brazilian and Portuguese languages are very similar, there are regionalisms that only a native speaker can evaluate. In order to maintain a minimum of compliance and consistency with the vocabulary and terminology used in Portugal, I researched on technical glossaries and websites that discuss about the Portuguese language. In particular I would like to mention, and also express my gratitude, to the website https://ciberduvidas.iscte-iul.pt/ where I could find answers to many of my questions. I tried to do my best in this work, but I'm sure that some errors have escaped my eye, so a review is important. I am available to anyone who wants to exchange information about pt-pt or pt-br translation. For messages written in Portuguese please use my personal e-mail address.

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