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Re: page modified but... really?


04.11.2016 17:24 időpontban Alberto Valverde ezt írta:

Hi list,

very often when I am enjoying zim wiki in windows 7, I get a warning
saying that the page I am working on has been modified. I think this
happens because my hard disk is encrypted by PGP, or because some
other security software did some changes on it

When this happens, the only option I need (overwrite and ignore
whatever or whoever did unauthorized changes) is not available.
Furthermore, I can't find an option to configure a default behaviour
for this kind of situations.

Since this is very frequent, and I am using a corporate computer which
has a standard platform ... something makes me think that the
algorithm used for detecting changes is detecting false positives. I
mean, maybe the checksum changed, but not the content

Please could you check the checking method and add an option to ignore
changes and overwrite them?

On 11/05/2016 05:50 AM, Mukli Krisztián wrote:
> Hi keeweel!
> Same issue here, I experienced similar using with Windows 7 without
> encryption, Windows 10 with or without Bitlocker, Debian 8 with LUKS. So
> I think, this issue is independent from encryption. By the way, I often
> get this warning, when cloud-syncing client synchronizing the actually
> edited page (I'm using owncloud client, but maybe same issue with other
> clients). When this happening, owncloud-client finding confliction and
> create a new file with same name and .conflict extension.
> This is only my observation, but I interested to yours and others
> experiences. Yes, overwriting function should be useful, but lack of
> this function maybe has technical reasons.

+1 for this idea.

I have not noticed false positives. My notebook lives on a remote drive and I sometimes accidentally do modify the same page from 2 places. When that happens I know which one I want to keep, but since I can't overwrite I have to do manually delete the on-disk file then re-save from the correct instance.

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