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X11 primary selection availability


Hello everybody,
this is Marco from Italy, just subscribed with the purpose of asking you
whether there is some internal use of the primary selection that forbids me
(and maybe some of us) to just paste the selected text by middle mouse
This is the good (or at least simple) old cutbuffer, now became X11 primary

I use Debian Jessie with XFCE4, and Zim is my most useful way of storing my
infos, and the primary selection to middle click is my most useful and fast
way to cut&paste, expecially from terminals like rxvt, but also from
firefox selected text..

Did you ever missed this?
Do you have something to suggest me that differs from (for ex) "throw xfce,
use gnome, and write gsettings set
org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.mouse middle-button-enabled true"

As far as I've seen until now, except from some virtual machines, Zim is
really the only software I use that cannot benefit from this nice feature,
so I'm at least wondering if there are some constrains that will break Zim,
internals, boh

Thank you!

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