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Patch for Drag and Drop Support of PageLink from PathBar into PageView


Hello Jaap + List,

please find attached a small patch (against zim-0.65.tar.gz) that enables Drag and Drop support from the PathBar into the PageView - a link to the dragged Page is inserted then.

That was a feature which I did miss up to now - to be able to directly add a page link into a page by drag and dropping one of the just visited pages from the PathBar at the top. This is especially useful if the page you are editing right now and the ones which you have visited before are located far away from each other in the page index, but you want to link them.

Kind regards,

Klaus Holler <kho@xxxxxx>

diff --git a/zim/gui/pathbar.py b/zim/gui/pathbar.py
index dfed74a..4650f55 100644
--- a/zim/gui/pathbar.py
+++ b/zim/gui/pathbar.py
@@ -5,14 +5,19 @@
 import gtk
 import gobject
+import logging
-from zim.gui.widgets import encode_markup_text
+from zim.gui.clipboard import \
+	pack_urilist
+from zim.gui.widgets import encode_markup_text
 # Constants
+logger = logging.getLogger('zim.gui')
 class ScrolledHBox(gtk.HBox):
 	'''This class provides a widget that behaves like a HBox when there is
@@ -419,6 +424,9 @@ class PathBar(ScrolledHBox):
 			button.connect('popup-menu', self.on_button_popup_menu)
 			button.connect('button-release-event', self.do_button_release_event)
 			# TODO Drag n drop support also nice to have
+			button.connect('drag-data-get', self.on_drag_data_get)
+			button.drag_source_set(gtk.gdk.BUTTON1_MASK, (INTERNAL_PAGELIST_TARGET,),
+				gtk.gdk.ACTION_LINK)
@@ -478,6 +486,13 @@ class PathBar(ScrolledHBox):
 		menu.popup(None, None, None, 3, 0)
 		return True
+	def on_drag_data_get(self, button, context, selectiondata, info, time):
+		assert selectiondata.target == INTERNAL_PAGELIST_TARGET_NAME
+		path = button.zim_path
+		logger.debug('Drag data requested from PathBar, we have internal path "%s"', path.name)
+		data = pack_urilist((path.name,))
+		selectiondata.set(INTERNAL_PAGELIST_TARGET_NAME, 8, data)
 	def get_selected_path(self):
 		'''Returns path currently selected or None'''
 		if self._selected: