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click on a link and open a terminal if the uri says so


there was a question on zim and opening terminal a while ago.
I didn't really understand what that was about so I will start over again.
I am looking for a solution or clever suggestions to the idea of
opening a new terminal (or a terminal tab by issuing a dbus command if
a terminal already exist) with the working directory given by the link
I am clicking.

In plain zim wiki source this link would be something like this:

Idea is that when I click that link, I get a terminal window with cwd
in the particular directory. If I click on further such uri+xterm
links, I will get another tab in an already existing terminal window,
but that may wait for later.

What I have tried is to set up an application for a link like
'uri+xterm://' to be terminator --working-directory=%S,, but that
failed. right-click and open-with only give me the option to configure
a program to open the link.

reason I use terminator is that I had the idea to use some kind of
session management for terminator to pop up a preconfigured working
terminal with splits and all, but that is for later.

Current workaround is to just have a link to the directory which wil
open the file browser and then open a terminal in the current file
browser path, but that is a bit tedious and often leaves a lot of
windows on my screen.


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