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ZeroFiveEight template bug help ?


Hello all,

In exporting a set of pages or notebook, the attractive ZeroFiveEight
template seems to have one problem I've seen:

The first level of sub-pages under the top level page ends up with
absolute (rather than relative) backlinks. Thus, when moving the pages,
these break. Not all backlinks have this problem.

For example, 


	childPage1 (this page has a "backlink" to ParentPage) and a TOC
	backlink, both of which are absolute, rather
	than ../Parentpage.html

		childChildpage2 -- some of links are all relative as
		they should be (the backlinks to childPage2 and toc to
		childPage2), but the TOC link back to ParentPage is
		absolute (not portable to new dir). 

I'm looking at the template, and see how to edit, but am not sure where
to look for these particular links, since i just see one single mention
of an href...  Is there some more general zim exporter than the
template is calling to get these backlinks?  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to this excellent project! 

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