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Table of Contents headings won't stay collapsed


I've noticed Ctrl-S saving un-collapses all Table of Contents items (> into
V) in the official ToC plugin, but it also happens shortly after an edit is
made (perhaps happening when some background auto-save feature activates?)

Neither of these are a big deal on smaller pages, but with lots of
subheadings they become a crippling annoyances, as you have to click on an
item in the ToC (thus navigating you somewhere you want to go), then press
\, then re-expand the items you want expanded.

Another ToC plugin issue present in 0.65 is that it doesn't always navigate
to the correct part of the page if you use duplicate subheading names, such
as two sections labeled "issues" under differently-named higher level
headings.  Clicking on one of them in the ToC will sometimes take you to
the other instead. (But I've been able to work around this problem without
too much trouble.)

The auto-expansion behavior might have always been present (not sure), but
it's recently become a major issue for my workflow since I have developed
some very long pages that can't easily be split up.

Other than this, Zim has been nearly perfect for my needs and I recommend
it as much as I can. Thanks a ton, Jaap.