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Tasklist update


Dear zim community,

please join me in improving the task list plugin. I have implemented some additional functionality,
which you may find useful.

What is new?

 * The comments which are added to a task (via the task comment plugin)
   are now collected together with the tasks and are displayed in an
   additional column.
 * The tags within a task are now displayed in a separate column
 * You can now tick a task directly within the dialog. As the core task
   ticking functionality of zim is used for this, zim switches to the
   page of the task to be ticked.
   Due to the sorting of the displayed tasks, ticked tasks are sorted
   at the end of the list before they are removed after index refresh
   (within seconds)
 * The dialog is now split into 2 task trees. The second tree displays
   the history of ticked tasks
 * When a task is ticked within the dialog, the tick date is stored
   within the index. This tick date is also displayed within the task
   history tree.
   In addition, I updated the pageview module. With this update the
   tick date is added / removed directly to / from the task within your
   This date is also collected from the task list plugin and is
   displayed within the task history tree.
 * The print functionality now displays the open tasks with more
   information as well.

I also included / updated following plugins into the task list plugin:

 * Tag auto completion (Shortcut: ALT + q)
   --> Supports you in adding tags by suggesting existing tags
   --> Removed unwanted frame around the tag entry (within Windows)
 * Task due date (Shortcut: ALT + period)
   --> Supports you in adding a due date to a tag (either plain within
   the text, or with additional entries or as a calendar)
 * Task comment (Shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + >)
   --> The task can now be commented (together with the date / time of
   the comment)
   --> The task comments string is added in superstring format, so it
   does not stand out so much

You should deactive / delete the separate plugins if you already use them. I will maintain them only within the task list plugin.

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