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how to load another plugin's settings


I'm trying extend the Now Button
plugin to use the same path the journal plugin uses by calling

I haven't figured out how to respect/load the granularity setting from
preferences.conf. I am trying to explicitly set it using PluginManager or
ConfigManager. Neither with success

# get cal plug object a la tests/calendar.py
calplugklass = PluginManager.get_plugin_class('calendar')
calplug = calplugklass()

# ConfigManagerINIConfigFile w/ only with key as "CalendarPlugin", has
default plugin vals (e.g. path=:Journal)

# OR #

# ConfigManagerINIConfigFile has all sections of prefs.conf as keys,
but ConfigDict's are all empty

# want to set the cal props like
calplug.preferences = prefs['CalendarPlugin']
# so granularity respected by the calendar plugin is reflected here too
cur_date_page = calplug.path_from_date(...)

In the first pluginmanger attempt, the default values are seen not the
values in my preferences.conf
in the second attempt with configmanger, I see all the sections in my .conf
(included a bogus [FooBar] section) but all the dictionaries are empty.

I think I am missing something obvious. Any hints?

As an aside, what is the best way to debug zim plugins? Currently, I make a
change, sprinkling in raise Exception(prefs) and restart zim.


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