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accessibility of Linux version


my name is Vojta Polášek and I am a blind IT student from Czech
Republic. I selected Zim as my notetaking system. I am running latest
revision from BZR on Arch Linux with Gnome. I use Orca screenreader.
I have two questions, the first relates to accessibility of Zim.
Before I switched to the version from BZR, I ran the latest stable
version. I use ctrl+space to switch between side panel and writing area.
In stable version I was able to use TAB key to switch between list of
tabs (index, tags...) and actual tree control representing index to
select desired page. In the version from BZR this is no longer possible.
After pressing ctrl+space, I land on the tab control. AFter pressing TAB
I land on the button for adding of bookmarks. After that I am not able
to move anywhere with the TAB or shift+TAB key. Could you look at these
controls if they can be tabbed over?
Thank you.
My second question is about the tray icon. Is it possible to start zim
without showing the GUI, just starting it and showing the tray icon? I
would like to start zim after I login to my desktop. And what's more
important, when tray icon is shown, can I set some shortcut key to show Zim?
Thank you very much and best regards,

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