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Re: Zim release 0.66


Congratulations and thanks Jaap, also to the other contributors!

On 28-04-17 17:11, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
Dear all,

I just uploaded release 0.66 to the website. It is available as source package, deb package or via launchpad PPA. Below the changelog for this version.



=== 0.66 - Fr 28 Apr 2017 ===
* Multiple notebooks run as single process now to reduce multi-process
  complexity - more robust startup, reduce need for "--standalone"
* SQLite indexer re-written to fix long standing bugs and design flaws
  with indexing
* Improved performance tag filtering in side pane
* Detect pages have changed on disk, even when page present in cache
* Bug fix for drag-n-drop of text within the editor
* New checkbox type available for "moved task" for joural workflow
* Context menu defined for checkboxes
* Horizontal lines "<HR>" added to wiki syntax -- Pavel_M
* Pathbar buttons can now also be used to insert page links by drag-n-drop
  -- Klaus Holler
* "search in section" added to context mennu for pages
* "search backlinks" added to context mennu for pages -- Volodymyr Buell
* Keyboard navigation of plugin tab in preferences dialog -- Jens Sauer
* Allow "mailto:"; links contain arguments like "?subject="
* Tasklist plugin: now also available embedded in side pane
* Tasklist plugin: new syntax for including due and start dates
* Tasklist plugin: new formatting priority column including deadlines
* Tasklist plugin: new "flat list" mode to only see lowest level tasks
* Tasklist plugin: removed support for "next" label
* Tasklist plugin: dialog now remembers sorting -- Jonas Pfannschmidt
* Versioncontrol plugin: git: removed global "git add", instead stage
  individual files
* Versioncontrol plugin: fossil: fix for fossil "addremove"
* Attachment browser: bug fix for drag-n-drop
* Linesorter plugin: added keybindings to move / duplicate / delete lines
  -- Johannes Kirschner
* Sourceview plugin: bug fix to make export via commandline also use
  objects -- Alex Ivkin
* Sourceview plugin: bug fix to follow editable state of parent window
  -- Jan Taus
* Bookmarks plugin updates -- Pavel_M
* Tableeditor plugin: bug fix for links -- Sašo Živanović
* Linkmap plugin: bug fix "unexpected char '-'"
* Arithmic plugin: bug fix to allow negative numbers -- TROUVERIE Joachim
* Dev: Templates are now translatable, using "gettext()" -- Jens Sauer
* Dev: Index API completely changed, see tasklist for a plugin example
* Dev: New module for file-system interaction, to be used in new code
* Dev: New parsing strategy based on tokenlist, used for tasklist parser
* Dev: Defined notebook API for concurrent operations in gtk main loop
* Dev: Simplified SignalEmitter code
* Packaging: removed support for maemo build - code went stale
* Packaging: make package build reproducible -- Reiner Herrmann
* Added translations for: Amharic, Arabic, Basque, and Portuguese

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