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Re: 0.66 was pushed to my machine


Thanks, Jiri, for that hint. Helps a lot.

Unfortunately, I had to find yet another unexpected incompatibility:
Headers are removed even from existing files.
For my workflow this means that I have to remove most well-formed-checks
for the extension I have developed.

Now it's 5 I found during the first day:
- headers are now removed at will
- forking to background changed to blocking a terminal window
- new unremovable "attachments" button wastes room under the text area
(compromising my layout optimization)
- removing an image while a page showing it is loaded now generates memory
fault and terminates zim (worked great before)
- renaming a page from outside while displayed in zim changed behavior to
the worse

All those compromise my workflow and I will need a day's work or so (which
I do not have at the moment) to recover.

Is it really necessary to have such incompatibilities pushed to automatic
Usually incompatibilities will give rise to a change of the major release
and shall not be pushed automatically.

All the best,

2017-04-29 16:39 GMT+02:00 Jiří Janoušek <janousek.jiri@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Or define an alias: `alias zim="nohup /usr/bin/zim > /dev/null 2>&1 &"`

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