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Issues with zim release 0.66


Dear all,

Turns out there are at least 2 critical and a number of other issues with
the 0.66 release. To repair those a new release is needed soon, so best to
consider 0.66 as a release candidate for 0.67 for now. Looking back
releases often come in pairs, so I think we need a release strategy with
release candidates that are tested by a broader audience going forward.

Critical issues:
1. Headers in source pages disappear on editing - fix commited
2. Various segfaults related to external applications
  a. opening files or folders in external applications from zim - under
  b. when files are changed by an external application not started by zim -
to be confirmed ?

Root cause of item 2 is not yet understood - see the issue tracker for more
notes: https://github.com/jaap-karssenberg/zim-desktop-wiki/issues/7

For other fixes committed so far see:

If you find other bugs in 0.66 compared to 0.65 that you want to nominate
for the release fix, please open a ticket in the github tracker. Will look
at launchpad bugs as well, but let's make a new start with the new tracker
for this.

Fixes are not yet available in the PPA due to move from bzr to git. Will
update the PPAs in the coming week to start building from the git



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