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zim task list features


Hello people.
Zim is awesome. Before I created bunch of txt files in ~/Documents and
it was very unusable.
Many years I am trying to find a good task app. Before I did a txt with
tree structure.

I found that most usable task gui apps with features are TaskCoach and
Korganizer from KDE. I tried both, and TaskCoach was buggy and too-long
to add a task, KOrganizer the same.

Now I am using checkboxes in ZIM. Of course I don't have recurring
features, expires, notifications etc. But at least I can do it FAST.

The main problem it is very hard to rearrange items by priority. I am
cutting item to clipboard and pasting it elsewhere.

Please add a very-easy-to-implement feature, to move checkbox items
up/down by clicking some icon on right side.

Also, please share your task management experience, which apps may help
tasking FAST with recurring, expires, notifications and other features.
Something like todoist maybe?

Thanks for doing ZIM!
Evernote and other proprietary software sucks!

Please continue working on ZIM, I'll help as I can.

I think we need more blog posts about zim, it is hard to find that app
for common users, too many shitty alternatives. Nobody knows that zim is
the best of these.


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