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Re: make task disappear from list before start date?


Am I pleased? No, thrilled would be a better word.

A few observations:
Configuring the task plugin is incompletely implemented, the checkbox “consider all checkboxes as tasks” is ignored, all checkboxes are considered tasks regardless. In my case that’s hundreds of tasks now (I use checkboxes more lightly, mostly for short lists or things inside the Journal)
The same is true for “sections to ignore”, including “Journal” here still shows all lines with checkboxes in the Journal section
I haven’t found how to activate the popup window that used to come with the due date plugin, however, I have the sneaking feeling that something was carried over from my version 0.65, which is existing alongside the 0.66 now. Opening the plugin window (in order to install the “re-anable OSX menubar”) claimed it did not exist, yet some of the keywords I used in the old version to indicate tasks were present. 

The start date and due date syntax is brilliant, and the greying out (or letting tasks that aren’t active yet disappear completely) works for me. 

Will keep testing


> On 11. May 2017, at 16:50, Joseph Reagle <joseph.2011@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 5/11/17 9:53 AM, Christoph Held wrote:
>> the first indicating the starting date before which the task is not visible in my task list
>> the second being the due date that we know already?
> Hello Christoph, have a look at the new date syntax (greater than and less than); I think you'll be pleased:
> https://github.com/jaap-karssenberg/zim-desktop-wiki/blob/master/data/manual/Plugins/Task_List.txt

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