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Zim 0.62-rc2 Windows build published; lots of Windows build process cleanup done; more to be done


Hi all,

Over the last couple of weeks, I fixed a number of issues with the
Windows build process for Zim. I'd been itching to upgrade on my Windows
machine I use for my job, so I decided it was time to release a packaged
build. I noticed that Jaap created a 0.67-rc2 tag less than a day ago. I
merged that into my branch, did a few more fixes, and sent Jaap a pull

I have built, signed, and published current versions of the Windows
package for 0.67-rc2. I have only performed cursory tests on Windows 7
32-bit. Please backup your data before you try this.

Release URL:

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- Brendan Kidwell

The rest of this message quotes the release announcement:


*Please backup your data! This is an unstable and largely untested

Windows build process changes:
 * Cleaned up build README a lot.
 * Cleaned up build process a lot.
 * Added "README for Zim for Windows" file -- it's in your Start Menu /
 Zim Desktop Wiki folder.
    * README mentions where you can find your Plugins folder!
 * Removed dependency on PortableApps.com for the portable launcher and
 portable packaging.
 * Created our own standalone NSIS-based portable and DEBUG MODE
 launchers (see new README in ./windows/src).
 * Removed requirement for build person to download "Microsoft.VC90.CRT"
 folder; found it in %WINDOWS%\WinSxS.
 * Created Python script that runs the desktop installer builder.
 * Prepared to merge Portable installer with Desktop installer (one
 package); it's not done yet; for now we're shipping a Zip file for the
 Portable version.

Still yet to be done on the Windows build process:
 * Desktop and Portable build in a single installer .exe.
 * Integrate missing Spell Check files into the package so the plugin
 * See if Windows clipboard access is still a problem and investigate
 and fix.
 * Test on several versions of Windows

See also the CHANGELOG for changes in the upstream main project.

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