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Clearing check lists on a page


If anyone has a need to repeatedly clear the check lists on a page without
having to mouse click through them all, this may help.

Set up a Custom Tool similar to:
Command: /<pathToScriptFile>/*clear-checkboxes-thisPage.sh %s*

clear-checkboxes-thisPage.sh contains:


# Zim clear checkboxes on current page. 2017-07-05

# $1 input should be zim variable %s

# Search for [*] and [x], and replace with [ ].
sed --in-place -e  's/\[\*\]/\[ \]/g' -e 's/\[\x\]/\[ \]/g' $1

If you just want to clear a selection on a page, then it may be useful with
the other Zim parameter %T:  the selected text including wiki formatting.
But I have not tested this.


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