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Re: Zim 0.67 released



Thanks! Work organization process would not be the same without this tool.

For convenience:

​= 0.67 - Mon 10 Jul 2017 ===
* Critical fix for missing page headers & remembering custom headers
* Critical fix by removing dependency on threading for index and socket
  - Hidden option to also do autosave without thread to test further issues
* Critical fix for handling unicode file names on windows
* Fix issue where config values go missing if not used
* Fix error for file shortcuts in various dialogs
* Restored macOS integration using a plugin
* Shorter socket name to avoid os specific error on OS X
* More robustness for socket errors, fallback to --standalone automaticlly
* More robustness at startup when default notebook went missing, fallback
to --list
* More robustness in preferences dialog when plugins give exceptions
* More robustness for invalid dates in tasklist parser
* Merge patch to add accelerators for bookmarks
* Updated build process for windows installer
* Fix indexing errors on move/rename page
* Fix regression in close-page when autosave ongoing
* Fix regression drag-n-drop index pane
* Fix regression for keybindings in index pane
* Fix regressions for attaching files
* Fix regression for opening folders
* Fix regression in opening inter-wiki links
* Fix regression in custom tools
* Fix regression in completion of page name in dialog entry
* Fix regression in quicknote "--attachments" option
* Fix regression for quicknote plugin due to process management
* Fix regression in date format for recentchanges dialog
* Fix regression in custom tool execution
* Fix for unicode in auto-linking
* Fix for unicode in arithmetic plugin
* Fix "insert image" also inserting a text link
* Fix search regex for chinese language to not match whitespace for
start/end of word
* Fix for table editor plugin when sorting rows
* Fix for wrong usage of escapes in latex export for verbatim blocks​