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Hello all,

First, thanks for the 0.67 release! It's fantastic so far. My laptop is a
dinky little thing I only use for writing (can't get distracted by gaming
if my comp can't play the games :P), and I can definitely see an
improvement in speed and reaction time, so whatever you guys did behind the
scenes made a big difference. Really good job, thank you.

I've been loading all my reference material into the wiki for easy access,
and it occurred to me that I can use that to see which of my references
draw on the same references themselves - if twelve books draw their
conclusions from the same 100 studies, then I'm not getting the diversity
of perspective I think I'm getting.

To that end, the backlinks feature has been invaluable.

The trouble is, at this point I have thousands of primary sources and will
be accumulating more. The only way I know of to assess how many pages refer
to any given page is to actually look at each individual one. Is there a
way to generate an ordered list based on the number of backlinks and/or
find pages with highly similar backlink lists?

Thanks again!!


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