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Proof of concept link analysis plugin


I've started a proof-of-concept for a plugin that can be useful to analyse
relations between pages. It can be found on github here:

For now it is mostly commandline driven, input on an attractive design for
a dialog to explore this data is welcome.




Find what book is most often referred:

$ zim --plugin linkanalysis sort MyNotes -d back
5 ReallyGoodBook
3 SomeBook
1 ThatOtherBook

Here "ReallyGoodBook" is referred by 5 other pages, "SomeBook" by 3 etc.

Now find any common referrers:

$ zim --plugin linkanalysis compare MyNotes -d back
5 2 ReallyGoodBook SomeBook
3 2 SomeBook ReallyGoodBook

Of the 5 pages that refer to "ReallyGoodBook", 2 also refer to "SomeBook".

To see which pages this are:

$ zim --plugin linkanalysis compare MyNotes -d back ReallyGoodBook SomeBook

So now you know which are the two pages that refer to these two books